Essential Oils, Topical Oils & Fragrant Therapy Inhalers

100% pure essential oils are one of nature's secrets to healthy living. SpaRoom offers a variety of wildcrafted essential oils and essential oil products for aromatherapy purposes and your oil diffusers. Shop for either topical essential oils, fragrant therapy inhalers or any one of our essential oil lines. 

Diffuser Oil

Because of the increasing popularity of diffusers recent years, many people have started calling essential oils, "diffuser oil." Choosing a diffuser oil from SpaRoom is an easy way to stock up on essential oils for your diffuser. However, essential oils have many applications beyond just refilling diffusers. Further, it is important to know how your diffuser works before you decide how much diffuser oil you need. For example, our ultrasonic diffusers only require a few drops of essential oil mixed with water to gain the room freshening benefits of using a diffuser. However, fan diffusers rely on absorbent diffuser pads that hold the diffuser oil of your choice. Shop our selection of essential diffuser oils below.

Take a look at our wholesale essential oils or bulk essential oils pages if you are also interested in setting up a wholesale account.

Best Essential Oils

There's a reason our essential oils are the best essential oils around! Our essential oils offer you the aromatherapy you are seeking with the best ingredients you can find. For example, all of our AromaSource products are USDA Certified Organic.

Essential Oils Online

Buying essential oils is easier than ever when you buy essential oils online. Have quality essential oils shipped right to your front door. Or even sign up for a wholesale account and order essential oils online for a fraction of the cost. Order your essential oils online today!

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