SpaRoom's wholesale plug-in diffusers offer users a relaxing aromatherapy experience in efficient and compact packages. Your customers will love the money-saving, motion-detecting design of the eMotion and the surprising power of the Mini Aromafier; perfect for desks or other spaces where stress mounts. Joining our wholesale plug-in diffuser program is easy! Start your application to start offering your customers the best plug-in diffusers on the market. SpaRoom is proud to partner with you and become your go-to wholesale plug-in diffuser supplier.

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Exclusive Promotions 
Our wholesalers have early access to newly released plug-in diffusers and other exclusive items. Be one of the first to receive our special promotions about upcoming releases for fan diffusers and other amazing products from SpaRoom.
Wholesale Pricing

At Sparoom, we are here to offer you the best wholesale prices. We have a great selection of high-quality wholesale plug-in diffusers and other aromatherapy items. Take advantage of the discounted wholesale pricing when you become a member.

Generous Compensation

Are you ready to start selling our amazing aromatherapy products? We are currently one of the world's top-sellers for diffusers in the industry, and we’ve developed a systematic approach to help your business grow with our rewarding compensation.

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A new adventure awaits you if you are serious about growing your business and we want to help you with your success. Once you start selling with Sparoom, you will see a huge difference in profits!

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SpaRoom is only truly successful when your business is successful as well. We strive to provide the best benefits on the market for our wholesalers. If you would like to be a SpaRoom wholesaler, please fill out the application below:

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Diffuser Wholesale Lounge Diffuser Lounge Wholesale Account

Diffuser Wholesale Lounge Includes doTERRA, Young Living, Norwex, Other Direct Sales/Multi-Level Marketing Company

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Wholesale Accounts Includes Retail Sales, Speciality, Veridtas Botanicals / Veriditas Oils, Catalog, Supermarket, Salon / Spa / Wellness, Hotel / Resort

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Sparoom Map Policy

SpaRoom has a MAP Policy for the public e-commerce platforms listed above. You must be willing to comply with our pricing standards. By signing below, you agree to the following:

  • To always be compliant with MAP Pricing. Should you use re-pricing software, you must agree to set your prices to go no lower than the minimum prices outlined by SpaRoom.
  • To disclose any and all accounts used to sell SpaRoom product.

We Are Here to Answer Any Questions

We are always here to help and will guide you through the process whenever you need it, any day of the week. We aim to build long lasting, and supportive relationships with our customers. We'll be there for you when you're seeking any advice and support. We have the answers to questions people often have about our wholesale program.

Questions on the wholesale program? Email info@sparoom.com or call 216-831-1900

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