PocketAroma® Personal Diffuser Kit - $20.00
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PocketAroma® Personal Diffuser Kit

PocketAroma® Personal Diffuser Kit
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Our PocketAroma® kit allows you to create up to 12 customizable personal diffusers - perfect for on-the-go and for use of up to 90 days or 1,000 puffs.

The PocketAroma® personal diffuser delivers a stronger aroma than all previous personal diffusers, while promoting reuse. This kit comes with over 50 pieces so you will never find yourself without the benefits aromatherapy. Fill with your favorite oils and create your own blends following the easy-to-use instructions shown on the box. 

Kit Includes:

  • 6 Shells & Lids
  • 12 Containers (2 each of 6 colors)
  • 18 Refill Rods
  • 12 White Caps


  • Flip the lid so the small opening faces up
  • Hold the lid opening approximately 1 to 2 inches below nose, then squeeze the sides to release all-natural essential oil vapors

Please Note: Carrier oils should not be used in the PocketAroma®

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