Frequently Asked Questions2019-06-24T13:14:32-04:00
Will I fail a drug test by using any SpaRoom CBD products?2019-03-15T11:26:11-04:00

No, all of our products are certifiably guaranteed to be THC-free.

When And How Do I Clean My Essential Oil Diffuser?2019-06-18T10:46:49-04:00

We recommend cleaning your diffuser frequently, especially when you change your selection of essential oils. Regular cleaning is important to maintain the life of your unit. To avoid buildup, please do not let water or oil inside the unit when not in use. Over time, water, mineral or oil buildup on the vibrating disk can decrease the effectiveness of your ultrasonic diffuser. We only recommend Klenzor, our diffuser cleansing tablets, which quickly and easily free your diffuser of any buildup and mineral deposits.

If you do not have any Klenzor on hand, a good way to remove possible buildup is to mix ¼ cup of white vinegar with warm water. Let it soak inside the water well for 3 hours. Do not turn the unit on while soaking. After 3 hours, dump out the water and use a cotton swab to gently wipe away any loose buildup from the vibrating disk. Do not push hard on the disk. Rinse the unit out and fill with clean cool water. Plug the unit back in and begin misting.

What Type of Water Do I Put In My Essential Oil Diffuser?2019-06-18T10:46:31-04:00

For all of our SpaRoom Essential Oil Diffusers, we recommend using tap or bottled water. Water temperature can have an effect on mist output, too!  Warmer water tends to create a fuller mist while cold water can inhibit ultrasonic vibrations, therefore producing less mist.

What Type of Oil Can I Use In My Essential Oil Diffuser?2019-06-18T10:46:03-04:00

Almost all of our SpaRoom Essential Oils are 100% Pure, with the exception of a few of our blends. Other companies offer cheap, misleading Oils that may be 100% Natural, but consist of mostly Carrier Oils. Carrier Oils are meant to be applied topically, not diffused. Their thick consistency can actually ruin your diffuser—not just SpaRoom products, but other diffusers too. Most importantly, do not ever use Fragrance Oils in our diffusers. Find out more about different types of Oils here.

Once you have decided on an Essential Oil to diffuse, refer to your SpaRoom Instruction Manual to see how many drops are recommended for your unit. Adding too much or too little oil can impact mist output!

What is the difference between Marijuana and Hemp?2019-03-15T11:22:02-04:00

Marijuana contains THC which is psychoactive and makes you high. These CBD products are extracted from industrial hemp and processed to remove THC. They are carefully tested to have 0% THC.

What is my recommended dosage?2018-11-14T14:43:02-05:00

The best-recommended dose requires attention to the effects on the body. If strong effects desired, increase gradually. You cannot overdose, but begin your experience with discretion.

What is CBD?2018-11-14T14:48:08-05:00

CBD stands for cannabidiol (can· na· bi· di· ol) and it is derived from the cannabis plant. CBD supports wellness for mind and body without a trace of THC.

What does Broad Spectrum CBD Oil mean, how to use and benefit from it? 2019-03-15T11:30:14-04:00
  • This CBD oil extraction process includes additional compounds from the hemp plant. These are necessary to promote better absorption in the body and quickens the positive benefits.
  • This form of CBD is water-soluble, meaning it is the perfect aromatherapy additive for ultrasonic diffusers and humidifiers.
  • This product is also the perfect skin serum with benefits that include moisturizing, soothing, smoothing and tension relief.
  • How can CBD Oil benefit the skin? CBD is a powerful compound that may protect the skin, promote healing, and moisturize while reducing oil formation.
  • What is the main difference between Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Broad Spectrum CBD Oil? Full Spectrum CBD oil contains THC. Broad Spectrum CBD oil is THC-free.
  • What does Water-Soluble mean and how is it useful? This form of CBD means it is the perfect aromatherapy additive for ultrasonic diffusers and humidifiers. This allows the CBD to easily become dissolved in water. This also allows increased absorption and effectiveness.
  • What does Nano-Enhanced mean and how is it useful? By creating nanoparticles that are so small, they can be absorbed into your bloodstream more efficiently than larger particles of the same substance. This process leads to greater absorption of the CBD oil.
What are the most common benefits derived from CBD Oil?2019-03-15T11:22:39-04:00
  • Promotes Everyday Wellness
  • Provides Tension Relief
  • Reduces Everyday Stressors
  • Balances Mind and Body
  • Supports Calm State of Mind
  • Enhances Relaxation
My Diffuser Is Not Misting Very Strongly2019-06-18T10:48:42-04:00

If the diffuser is not misting very strongly, there are a few things that can cause this.

  1. Check your water level. If the water is too full, the mist will not come out strongly. We recommend filling the water slightly below the max fill line.
  2. Make sure the unit is sitting on a hard, flat surface. Do not place it on something soft, like a towel that could absorb the ultrasonic vibrations.
  3. Make sure the unit is not sitting directly under an air vent or fan that may be dispersing the mist.
My Diffuser Is Not Misting At All2019-06-18T10:49:01-04:00

Make sure it is properly plugged in. If it’s plugged in, and the lights nor mist will turn on, make sure there is power coming from your source.

A possible cause may be mineral or oil buildup, causing the unit to have difficulty misting.

Please proceed with cleaning your diffuser with Klenzor™.

My Diffuser Is Making A Loud Noise2019-06-18T10:49:45-04:00

Depending on the motor or fan strength of your diffuser, some noise is normal during operation. It is also common to hear the water moving inside your unit.

If the unit is making a noise that sounds abnormal, please discontinue use and contact our Customer Care Team.

Is CBD Natural?2018-11-14T14:47:00-05:00

Yes, our CBD is organically grown and harvested directly from the industrial hemp plant. Our products are manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant facility.

Is CBD Legal?2018-12-24T11:12:31-05:00

The 2018 Farm Bill removed CBD derived from industrial hemp from the DEA’s controlled substances list and recategorized it as an agriculture commodity, making all parts of the industrial hemp plant, including CBD, federally legal in the United States.

I Lost My Instruction Manual. Where Can I Get Another?2019-06-18T10:45:17-04:00

If you no longer have your instruction manual, you can find it listed on our Instruction Manuals page.

How Much Water Do I Add To My Essential Oil Diffuser?2019-06-18T10:44:56-04:00

SpaRoom Ultrasonic diffusers are most effective, last the longest and output the most mist when filled properly. Every diffuser is different and detailed instructions are included in each package, but as a guideline, we currently have five (5) different ways of indicating the Max Fill Line on our diffusers. NEVER overfill a diffuser with water by exceeding its Max Fill Line.

Type 1:
Our Best Essential Oil Diffuser Tips - Water Reservoir - Type 1 Diffuser

Type 2:
Our Best Essential Oil Diffuser Tips - Water Reservoir - Type 2 Diffuser

Type 3:
Our Best Essential Oil Diffuser Tips - Water Reservoir - Type 3 Diffuser

Type 4:
Our Best Essential Oil Diffuser Tips - Water Reservoir - Type 4 Diffuser

Type 5:
Our Best Essential Oil Diffuser Tips - Water Reservoir - Type 5 Diffuser

How many drops of our CBD Essential Oils should be used in a standard diffuser?2018-11-14T14:42:35-05:00

We suggest 10-15 drops to produce a positive effect.

How does CBD work in the body?2018-11-14T14:45:55-05:00

CBD can be used to as a health and dietary supplement. Much evidence leads to improved balance of mind and body.

How do you apply the CBD Roll On?2018-11-14T14:42:00-05:00

The metal roller ball dispenses a sufficient portion with minimal application. Frequent use is recommended rather    than over saturation. We suggest using on pulse points, temples, chest, soles of feet and/or painful sites.

How Do I Use My Diffuser?2019-06-18T10:44:39-04:00

We sell many diffusers and they all have different functions. Please refer to your instruction manual for specific directions on how to use yours properly.

How do Essential Oils and CBD Oil work together?2018-11-14T14:46:37-05:00

By absorbing the terpenes into your body through inhalation or topical use, you may experience therapeutic benefits. CBD oil complements the benefits of essential oils and promotes a pleasant and healthy experience.

Does My Absorbing Pad Need To Be Replaced? How Often?2019-06-18T10:48:01-04:00

Some storage tips would be to keep the pad in an air tight container or baggie when not in use. You'll notice the pad becoming very saturated and no longer able to hold oil, that will be an indication to change the pad. You should be able to purchase replacement pads at the location where you purchased your diffuser or on our Accessories Page.

Do I Need To Clean My Essential Oil Diffuser?2019-06-18T10:44:16-04:00

To extend the life of your ultrasonic diffuser, please be certain to use only 100% Pure Essential Oils. By doing so, it will ensure your unit qualifies for any future Warranty Claims. Any use of Fragrance Oils will void our warranty due to the synthetic ingredients used. We included the information below, to help with the maintenance of your diffuser.

We recommend cleaning your ultrasonic diffuser frequently, especially when you change the selection of your oils. Regular cleaning is important to maintaining the life of your unit. To avoid buildup, please do not let water or oil sit inside the unit when not in use. Over time, mineral deposits and/or oil residue can build up on the vibrating disk, requiring the unit to be cleaned with Klenzor™.

KLENZOR™ is our dissolving cleaning tablet, suitable for all ultrasonic differs, which is EPA approved and bio-degradable. To clean, place one dissolving Klenzor™ tablet into the water well of your ultrasonic diffuser. Turn the diffuser on and run for a 2-hour cycle, allowing the tablet to dissolve and eliminate any buildup that may impair its performance or fragrance output. After the cleaning, pour out the contents, being certain to avoid water getting into the air vent opening at the top of the water well. Once emptied, use a cotton swab to gently wipe away any loose buildup from the vibrating disk. Regular use of Klenzor™ can extend the life of your unit. We suggest following our recommended cleaning frequency listed below.

Diffuser Use Cleaning Frequency
Everyday Weekly
Few Times A Week Weekly
Couple Times A Month Monthly

Do I Add Water or Essential Oil First to my Diffuser?2019-06-18T10:39:05-04:00

All SpaRoom Essential Oil Diffusers are designed to first be filled with water first and then Essential Oil.

As we know, water and oil do not mix. But, since the "mist" is created through ultrasonic vibrations, the water is broken down into micro-particles which allows the Essential Oil to attach to it and be transmitted into the air. Adding oil before water can cause the oil to stay in the bottom of the water tank and hinder the ceramic discs performance of creating ultrasonic vibrations that are responsible for producing mist.

If you would like to learn more about diffusers that do not require water, check out our info on Nebulizing and Fan Diffusers.

Can I Use Citrus Oils With SpaRoom Essential Oil Diffusers?2019-06-18T10:38:32-04:00

Yes, we use polypropylene plastic which is safe to use with any essential oil, including citrus. However, if using citrus oil, make sure to clean out your diffuser after each use. Also, use caution with heavy bodied oils as they may sink to the bottom of the water chamber and clog the diffusing disk.