Essential Oil Diffusers

Today, you can choose from dozens of different models, including ultrasonic, nebulizers, fan/evaporative, essential oil humidifiers and more!

Types and Models

All essential oil diffuser models can be broken down into five categories - ultrasonic, nebulizing, evaporative, heat and diffusifier. These categories dictate the kind of diffusing technology the model makes use of, and the differences between them can be significant if you have specific misting needs.


Ultrasonic essential oil diffusers are similar to humidifiers in the sense that they require water to operate. Most ultrasonic models can double as humidifiers, which makes them extremely useful in arid climates or dry winter months. An ultrasonic diffuser mists the combination of water and essential oil and then disperses it into the air. Though how these essential oil diffusers work is fairly simple, there are benefits and drawbacks to their design that you should know before buying.


  • Ultrasonic essential oil diffusers are the most common variations on the market today, meaning that you can find a wide range of capabilities across many models.
  • Typically less expensive than nebulizing models.
  • Typically quieter than nebulizing models.
  • Can double as a cool mist humidifier.


  • Require water to operate.
  • Requires occasional cleaning.
  • Many models feature led lights that can't be turned off, making them less than ideal for dark areas.


Nebulizing essential oil diffusers do not require any water for their operation. Instead, they use an atomizer to create fine particles out of essential oil, which then diffuses essential oils into the air. The resulting mist is exceptionally potent because the oil has not been watered down. Though this may be the most significant feature of these models, nebulizing diffusers have their own drawbacks that make them less than ideal for certain situations.


  • Does not require water; most models require no setup of any kind.
  • Most models include timers that allow you to control the duration of diffusion.
  • The concentration of mist is more potent than that produced by other types of diffusers.
  • Most models have no or minimal lighting, making them excellent choices for overnight diffusion.


  •  Typically louder than other types of diffusers.
  •  Uses oil more quickly than other types of diffusers.
  •  Generally speaking, the most expensive variety of diffuser.

Fan or Evaporative

As the name suggests, fan or evaporative essential oil diffusers work through evaporation of oil. More specifically, the user soaks an absorbent pad within the essential oil diffuser with a few drops of essential oil and then leaves it to evaporate. Once it does so, the oil is then dispersed through a fan built into the device. Some models (which include personal diffusers, pendants, bracelets, et cetera) are so simple that they don't even make use of a fan - they just let the natural air currents of their environment carry the oil particles away.


  • Generally speaking, the most inexpensive electronic variety in terms of purchase and operation cost.
  • Most models are very portable and great for your car or for travel.
  • Their comparatively small coverage makes them an excellent choice for small areas, such as a work desk or bathroom.


  • Weak output limits range and may lessen therapeutic benefits.
  • Absorbent pads must be replaced and refilled.
  • Most models rely on batteries or a USB port for power.


A heat essential oil diffuser is just what it sounds like - a diffuser that uses warmth to evaporate essential oils. Generally speaking, models of this variety don't even use electricity; instead, they make use of a candle that heats a reservoir of oil from below. Though this makes heat diffusers a more economical choice than other varieties, that affordability comes at the cost of sacrificing control over the diffusion over the oil. Additionally, they're not appropriate for any areas in which open flames are not allowed.


  • The most inexpensive variety of essential oil diffuser.
  • Lack of power source means that they can be used even when no electricity is present.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • No way to control the strength or duration of diffusion.
  • Not appropriate for office-based environments or anywhere else open flames are discouraged.
  • Aromatherapy benefits lessened by the scent of candle mixing in with that of the oil.


A Diffusifier is both a full functioning essential oil diffuser humidifier and aromatherapy essential oil diffuser that uses ultrasonic technology to accept essential oils directly into the water tank.

The TurboMist™ and MegaMist™ are the first of their kind to emerge in the humidifier market, as they accept essential oil directly into the water tank. Formerly, humidifier fragrance was synthetic or required separate fragrance delivery trays.


  • Now you can use your 100% pure essential oils.
  • Longer Run Times.
  • Can also be used as a room humidifier.


  • Require water to operate.
  • Requires occasional cleaning.
  • Designed for Large Rooms and Spaces.

The world of diffusers is so big that there's bound to be a model out there which perfectly suits your needs. If you're interested in an essential oil diffuser for your bedroom or office, the all-around capabilities of ultrasonic models may be what you're after. If you need a powerful diffuser to fill a large space, nebulizers or diffusifiers are likely the way to go. Those in need of a travel or desk diffuser will likely find their ideal model among the evaporative varieties. Heat diffusers, meanwhile, are perfect for those looking for truly all-natural aromatherapy.


Our primary line of aromatherapy essential oil diffuser models feature beautiful designs, long run-times, and whisper quiet ultrasonic diffusion. Just add the recommended drops of your favorite essential oil end enjoy hours of continuous ultrasonic aromatherapy.

Many models come with color changing lights and automatic shut off functions and work great in any room, home office, or at your desk.

The are many different styles and choices of diffusers including some that have color led lights, some that act as a night light, and some that match your decor and including wood grain models.

Also, new to Sparoom is a groundbreaking diffuser that has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery so you can have the benefits of a fan or evaporative diffuser but with ultrasonic diffuser technology anywhere you go.

Furthermore, our Kids Korner® Diffusers are perfect for families who embrace aromatherapy as our cute and whimsical diffusers are perfect for a child’s bedroom.

In addition to diffusers, Sparoom also carries the highest quality essential oils including lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Lemongrass, Lemon Zest, Cedarwood, and many unique and popular blends.

Our diffusers are industry leading, offered in most major retailers & resorts across North America. Our specialty is our ability to drive new ideas to fruition, creating the most ground-breaking diffusers to elevate your sensory experience. Stylish ceramic misters with Bluetooth® capabilities, wireless nebulizers, and multi-water tank diffusers are just a few examples of the breakthroughs that SpaRoom™ has unveiled to the world. Regardless of how advanced the functionality of our diffusers are, the ease of operation and safety measures incorporated into each design is unmatched.


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