Essential Oil Guide

For thousands of years, people have been using essential oils for a variety of medicinal and health-related purposes. Known as aromatherapy, this century-old practice involves the use of plant oils, also known as essential oils, to promote overall health and wellness.  SpaRoom sells a versatile collection of essential oils that cater to any number of uses.  Use our Essential Oil Guide to ensure proper use.

Although many people apply these oils directly to the skin in order to realize their benefits, many of SpaRoom's oils contain citrus and ginger, which are phototoxic meaning they will respond to sunlight and cause a reaction similar to a severe sunburn. Instead, SpaRoom promotes the use of essential oils in our aroma diffusers, which distribute a fragrance with or without a mist depending on the type of diffuser. This fragrance can then offer its benefits through indirect inhalation.

In this Essential Oil Guide, it's important to note that essential oils are not the same as fragrance oils. Perfume oils are artificially created and do not offer the same therapeutic benefits as essential oils. We also advise against using fragrance oils in our diffusers as they can clog the ultrasonic element, limiting the vibrations that produce mist.

In addition to therapeutic benefits, essential oils are often used for air freshening purposes. Not only are the aromas pleasing to the nose, but they can also transport us back in time to a past moment of our lives. When a smell is associate with a memory, that memory becomes even more vivid. You can use our essential oil resources below to ensure proper use as you fill the air with your desired aroma and continue to make new memories every day.