Essential Oils In Dryer to keep your clothes smelling good

Everybody enjoys the bright, clean scent that a dryer sheet can lend to a freshly-laundered pile of clothes. What you might not enjoy, however, is the fact that that scent is typically derived from the usage of chemicals, which can irritate the skin and sinuses of those who wear those clothes. At best, it's an annoying nuisance - at worst, it can cause serious issues for those with severe allergies or sensitive skin. Luckily, enterprising home care gurus have discovered that you can create your dryer sheets with essential oils and a few simple, inexpensive components.

Homemade Dryer Sheets Recipe

  • Here's what you'll need:
  • ½ cup of vinegar
  • 8 drops of essential oils
  • Sealable container
  • Cotton cloths

You can either buy sheet-sized cloths or larger ones that are then cut down to size. If you like, you can also use old towels, linens or t-shirts - anything that'll hold up to the heat and tumble of your dryer. Once you have the "sheets" themselves gathered, you'll want to mix the vinegar and essential oil in a small bowl. The vinegar acts as a natural softener, where the essential oil lends your clothing a mild, pleasant scent that'll last long after they're plucked from the dryer. Though eight drops might not seem like much, using more puts you at the risk of overwhelming your clothes with the oil's scent. Feel free to experiment with both the amount and variety of oil until you find a combination you love.

Once the liquid is combined, it should be poured over your sheets until they're damp but not soaked. The sheets then need to be placed in your sealable container, to be held until they're ready to be used. If your sheets still hold a bit of excess liquid after being stored, simply squeeze that liquid out before tossing the sheet in the dryer. Keep in mind that delicate scents can be destroyed by high heat, so be sure to run loads with these sheets on lower settings. By doing so, you'll guarantee that your clothes will come out squeezably soft and smelling great

Natural Alternatives

Not everybody, however, likes to use dryer sheets. If you're among their number, you can still make use of essential oils to freshen and improve the scent of your laundry. Here are a few ways in which they can be of use both in the laundering and storage of your clothing.

Wool Dryer Balls

Wool dryer balls are preferred by some because they're cheaper than dryer sheets and are typically non-toxic. All you need to do is dribble a few drops on a ball and toss it in the dryer - you may, as with the sheets, have to experiment for a bit until you find the right combination of amount and kind of oil. Some scents we think are great to add to your laundry routine include cedarwood essential oillavender essential oil, or lemongrass essential oil. Of course, the choice is up to you and what essential oil scent you want your clothes to smell like.

Damp Washcloth

As convenient as dryer sheets are, their one-time use makes them less eco-friendly than they could be. Adding essential oil to a damp washcloth allows you to imbue your clothing with the scent of that oil through an item that can be used over and over again. They're also great for freshening up a wrinkled piece of clothing if you don't have an iron handy. The steam that comes off the cloth as it's heated will smooth out those wrinkles, and the scent carried on that steam will make the item smell clean, fresh and new.

Cotton Balls

Cotton balls infused with essential oil are great for keeping your clothing smelling terrific even as they sit in your dresser or wardrobe. All you need to do is add a couple of drops each to a few balls and stash them in the back of your drawers - the emanating scent will circulate throughout the space and sink into any clothing within. Again, be careful not overdose here as doing so can leave a whole drawer's worth of items smelling too strong to wear. Be sure also to occasionally replace the balls, as their scent will eventually fade over time.


Soap created with essential oil holds some benefits over your typical bar, all of which you can read about here - that link will also provide you with tips on how to make your oil-infused soap. In addition to getting you squeaky clean, oil-infused soap can also be used to keep your clothes smelling fantastic. All you need to do is wrap a bar or a section of a bar (depending on the size of the space) in an old sock and store it in the back of your drawer. As with the cotton balls, their scent will fade over time - when that happens, you can either re-infuse the bar with oil or simply use it for its original, soapy purpose.

Essential Oils in Dryer Summary

There's nothing quite like a freshly-laundered pile of laundry. The warmth, the smell...sometimes you just want to dive in and savor just how clean and fresh your clothes have become. Essential oils help make your clothes clean and fresh without the added chemicals. There are many ways to use essential oils in your dryer or in your laundry routine. To conclude here are some ways essential oils can be a part of your laundry routine:

  • Homemade Dryer Sheets with Essential Oils
  • Wool Dryer Balls
  • Damp Washcloth
  • Cotton Balls with Essential Oils Added
  • Essential Oil Based Soap

Imagine how much more satisfying that feeling will be with laundry that has been naturally imbued with your favorite invigorating scent. That's just one of the many ways in which essential oils can be used to improve even the most mundane of activities. If you'd like more tips on their usage in your day-to-day life, please consider visiting our blog or getting in touch with one of our friendly customer care representatives.