Do you have a humidifier & a diffuser?

Strong mist output is something we work into the development of all of our ultrasonic diffusers, but with greater mist output comes the need for a larger water tank. That is why we recently released two brand new Diffusifiers® — full function humidifiers that accept essential oil directly into the water tank!

Our first two models, TurboMist™ and MegaMist™ are the first of their kind to emerge in the humidifier market, as they accept essential oil directly into the water tank. Formerly, humidifier fragrance was synthetic or required separate ‘fragrance delivery trays’ that were more of a hassle than they were effective.
Do You Have A Diffuser and A Humidifier? Essential Oil Humidifier Comparison Chart
Because of our 7+ years developing the best diffusers on the market, we took our knowledge and experience and combined the ultrasonic technology used in traditional diffusers with feedback from humidifier buyers. This allowed us to create our first two models that distribute powerful, aromatic mist, are easy to clean and have an appealing aesthetic. TurboMist™ has a 2.5 Liter water capacity while MegaMist™ has a 1.8 Liter water capacity. Both feature automatic safety shut off, various mist intensity controls and can operate continuously for more than 18 hours!

But, maybe you already have a humidifier and only use it for the dry winter months and cannot justify buying a new one. That’s where H2Oil® comes in…

Available in three varieties — Lavender, Eucalyptus & Sleep Blend — these brand new humidifier additives are made of only 100% Pure Essential Oil, distilled water, and an all-natural emulsifier and can be used in any humidifier, granting you aromatherapy and fresh, natural fragrance.
The single notes are two of the most popular scents for aromatherapy : Lavender helps promote calmness while Eucalyptus helps give you energizing focus while helping you breathe easier. Our Sleep Blend contains an well-balanced combination of Essential Oils including Marjoram, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Lavindin and Mandarin to grant you a comforting aroma that will help give you very restful sleep.
H2Oil® comes in a 1 Liter bottle with built in measuring cup cap. 1 cap full of solution should be added to humidifier per 1 Liter of water.