Reflection Essential Oil DiffuserUtilizing the latest diffusing technology, SpaRoom’s newest ceramic essential oil diffuser features a sleek and simplistic ripple design. The Reflection, which was unveiled last week, stands at about 10 inches tall and brings a bit of luxury to any space.

Reflection uses ultrasonic vibrations to transform water and essential oil into a steady stream of aroma-infused mist. The Reflection can cover 400 sq. ft. and is more than capable to create a lavish look in residences, resorts, and spas.

With three different mist output settings, this aromatherapy diffuser can run continuously for 10 hours, or on its intermittent setting for 20 hours. This is made possible with only 120ml of water.

There’s no need to worry about water levels as this essential oil diffuser will automatically stop misting when the water level becomes too low.

Regular maintenance is recommended to keep your diffuser running optimally. Here’s a guide we created to walk you through cleaning your diffuser.

The Reflection is now available and can be found here. SpaRoom’s entire line of essential oil diffusers can be found by following this link.