Essential Oil Diffusers

It’s time to improve your wellness with aromatherapy! SpaRoom has a large variety of essential oil diffusers including ultrasonic misters, nebulizers and passive (fan) diffusers. SpaRoom diffusers are perfect for home, office and travel because of ranging run-times and features. Stimulate your senses and improve your mood by adding 100% Pure Essential Oil to any of our diffusers. A diffuser paired with essential oil will give the therapeutic benefits you deserve to help you relax, energize and feel great. Plus, SpaRoom has adorable, easy-to-use models that are designed specifically for children’s bedrooms and play areas. The whimsical designs are perfect for calming kids and display mesmerizing color-changing lights.

SpaRoom diffusers are great for aromatherapy and nothing beats natural home fragrance. No heat is required for operation and most models feature automatic-safety shut-off. Plus, they create great ambiance as a candle alternative with multiple light modes. In addition, SpaRoom diffusers make great night lights that are perfect for parents, students and children alike.

Whether you’re looking for a new diffuser or are just venturing into the world of aromatherapy, SpaRoom offers a variety of essential oil diffuser options. Finding the right product for you is easy; filter run times, water tank sizes, suggested room size and light modes. On top of the basic features, SpaRoom offers high-quality wood and glass diffusers to stay true to the natural life you lead.

Explore SpaRoom’s vast variety of options today and find the functionality you need to help you relax. Smell good, feel great, live better!