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    Essential Oil Handbook On Table with Flowers SpaRoom Essential Oils Handbook with a beautiful cover page of essential oils

    SpaRoom Essential Oils Handbook

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    A quick and easy guide to the restorative effects of therapeutic oils, the Essential Oils Handbook provides a detailed profile of essential oils, its origins, healing properties, and effective uses. This convenient, pocket-sized guide contains all of the information you need for health, vitality, and well-being.
  • Essential Oil Recipe Book Back Cover Complete Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes with a beautiful colorful cover of oils and herbs
    Do you strive for a clean, fresh-smelling home? Do you want to feel the blissful escape as aromatic scents permeate the air? The SpaRoom Complete Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes book will teach you how to combine, use and diffuse essential oils so that you can create a peaceful and immersing ambiance wherever you like.
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    Essential Oil Recipe Kit - Back Essential Oil Recipe Book with Essential Oils on a table top
    Mix and match 4 of the most popular and beneficial essential oils to create your personal aromatherapy recipe with the SpaRoom Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes Guide Essential Oils. This guide by the foremost authority in essential oils gives you simple direction to living better and enjoying herbal blends. Includes 4 - 5mL 100% Pure Essential Oil Bottles
    • Lavender Blend
    • Peppermint
    • Eucalyptus
    • Sweet Orange

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