Tranquil CBD Essential Oil


Our exclusive hemp oils are formulated for diffusing and available in 3 scents: Tranquil, Sleep and Energy. Contents include 100% pure THC-free hemp isolate and essential oil blends.

  • 250 mg of CBD
  • CO2 Extracted CBD
  • Derived from Organically Grown Industrial Hemp
  • THC-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Third Party Tested for Composition
  • GC/MS Tested for Purity


Tranquil CBD Essential Oil is made of 100% pure CBD and essential oil blend. Products contain 250 mg of CBD that is derived from the industrial hemp plant which is harvested from our Colorado Depart of Public Health and Environment licensed farm.

This essential oil blend will leave you alert, yet relaxed with a harmonious combination of floral and sweet citrus scents. CBD oil enhances these benefits and promotes well-being. This product is THC-free.

Other features include being Non-GMO, sourced from organically grown hemp and CO2 extracted CBD. This product is manufactured in a GMP compliant facility, third-party tested for cannabinoid composition and GC/MS tested for its purity, meaning that the product is ensured to have no impurities or adulterants. Directions: use within nebulizer, ultrasonic or fan diffuser to enjoy aromatherapy with enhanced benefits.

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30 Ml/ 1 Oz

Certificate of Analysis - CBD Tranquil Blend

Certificate of Analysis-CBD Tranquil Blend

Material Safety Data Sheet - CBD Tranquil Blend

Material Safety Data Sheet – Tranquil CBD Essential Oil

HPLC Test Results - CBD Tranquil Blend

HPLC Report for SpaRoom Tranquil CBD Essential Oil

GCMS Test Reports - CBD Tranquil Blend

GCMS Report for SpaRoom Tranquil CBD Essential Oil