Spring Tin PromotionStill stuck with the Winter Blues? Then gear up for spring with these tips for the top three spring essential oil blends.

Although the weather might not reflect the change in season, diffusing essential oils will help you welcome the fragrances of spring into your home while getting you out of that winter rut.

You’ll often see spring blends utilizing the ever-popular lemon and rosemary essential oils. These are great for boosting your energy and mood and lemon has added benefits that can help fight fatigue from those lasting winter colds.

If you’re living in one of those frustrating areas where the calendar says it’s spring but your surrounded by the remnants of winter, it’s always good to keep a blend that includes bergamot mint essential oil which is included as part of the in the Renewed Fresh Air Essential Oil Blend in the SpaRoom Spring Tin.

Bergamot mint is very similar to lavender in the way it calms your nerves to set the stage for a stress-free spring.

And it’s always best to keep the orange essential oil around. It is sold individually and included in two of the blends below. It can be combined in a water bottle with distilled water for a nontoxic insecticide.