Benefits Of Orange Essential Oil in slices

Everyone loves the bright, invigorating smell of fresh orange, but did you know that same scent has a wide variety of significant aromatherapy applications? Orange Essential Oils takes the aroma and scent of the sweet citrus fruit and concentrates it into an incredibly powerful liquid used for everything from easing anxiety to improving circulation to keeping your home naturally free of houseflies and other pests. After reading this list of our favorite uses for this wondrous topical oil, you’ll be certain to keep a bottle on hand for all sorts of natural remedies and practical applications.

Anti-Inflammatory and Antiseptic Essential Oil

The flexibility of orange essential oil allows it to lessen inflammation both internally and externally, as it can be applied topically to lessen redness and swelling or ingested to alleviate discomfort caused by gas or an upset stomach. The same properties that fight inflammation also make the oil an excellent natural pain reliever. It can even be used on a fresh cut or scrape to limit microbial growth and prevent infection. Be sure to test your body’s response to orange essential oil before applying it in excess, as doing so can cause adverse physical reactions.

Relieve Anxiety

Benefits Of Orange Essential Oil including stress

Orange essential oil has become tremendously popular in aromatherapy thanks in part to its ability to lift one’s mood and assist in relaxation. The emotional uplift results in part because of the close connection of smell to memory, and who among us doesn’t have a great memory tied to the scent of fresh oranges? The other part has to do with the ability of orange essential oil to assist in turning off stress hormones like cortisol. One whiff can go a long way towards improving a tough day or towards getting a new one off to a great start. Add some orange essential oil to your Essential Oil Diffuser and say goodbye to anxiety.

Increase Circulation

A natural remedy for high blood pressure, orange essential oil has been shown to improve blood flow and alleviate hypertension. In addition to addressing two of the biggest contributors to heart disease, the oil’s ability to generally improve circulation may be useful in increasing libido, managing headache pain and lessening symptoms related to PMS. Proper blood flow is one of the most important aspects of your health, and a few drops of orange essential oil now is a lot better than complicated surgeries and procedures later. Keep a roll on essential oil in orange and start benefiting from this miraculous oil.

Essential Oil as a Diuretic

For a lot of people, trouble with urination is more than a mere inconvenience. An individual unable to urinate will have difficulty in passing excess water and toxins such as uric acid and bile. Furthermore, healthy urination has been shown to increase appetite, promote digestion, and contribution to the burning of fats. Keeping a bottle of orange essential oil in the bathroom may be exactly what’s needed to break that block and get your body’s cycle back on track.

Spray Bottle With Orange essential Oils


Do you have a pest problem, but wish to avoid the harsh scents and abrasive chemicals common to many household insecticides? Numerous pest control companies have discovered the remarkable ability of orange essential oil to keep away all manner of bugs; if you check out the offerings at your local hardware store, you’ll see that many of them feature orange peel as the active ingredient. You can also easily make a bottle of non-toxic insecticide yourself through combining orange essential oil with distilled water and witch hazel.

Non-Toxic Kitchen Cleaner

Some of the kitchen cleaners on the market today can feel just as harsh as insecticides. Thankfully, there’s a natural solution available here as well. As with pest control, there are now a number of companies that offer cleaners with orange peel as the active ingredient; as with pest control, you should feel free to make a homemade non-toxic cleaner of your very own. Add a few drops of orange essential oil and some distilled white vinegar to a 4 oz glass spray bottle and you are ready to give your kitchen a great smelling non-toxic clean!


The aforementioned ability of orange essential oil to fight germs also extends to the ones in your mouth. A simple solution of oil and distilled water makes for an effective and pleasant-tasting mouthwash that’ll make your teeth and gums feel incredibly fresh and clean. You can also try boosting the effectiveness of your toothpaste by adding a drop of oil to your brush. That might not seem like much, but orange essential oil - like all essential oils - is hyper-concentrated. A little bit goes a long way!

We hope that reading this post has given you a bunch of new ideas on the numerous ways in which orange essential oil can improve your life. Please feel free to get in touch with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives if you have any further questions regarding this miraculous oil or any of our other 100% pure essential oils.