AromaMist Essential Oil Diffuser on Table with PlantAromatherapy enthusiasts fell in love with our AromaMist™ diffuser back in 2016 when we first put it on the market.

It features a simple design in a beautiful pearlized white finished, bringing class and sophistication to any space. The cover of the diffuser has a mesh ring that allows a radiant light show to shine through and boost your room's ambiance. Let the colors rotate or freeze the gradient on whichever color best fits your mood.

After becoming a best-seller due to its affordable price, aesthetic and performance, we wanted to make it even better.

After a year of development, we are ready to officially introduce the new and improved AromaMist™ Diffuser--featuring the same gorgeous design thousands of wellness experts and spas around the world fell in love with, the new and improved unit has a water tank that is more than double the capacity of the original.

What does this mean? Well, it's simple... a longer run-time and stronger mist intensity, meaning the fragrance you love can fill a greater space and you can better enjoy aromatherapy.

The original AromaMist™ could operate continuously for 3 hours or intermittently for 6. Compared to competitors, this is extremely impressive for its small size. However, our new and improved model blows the original out of the water with a 10-hour continuous run-time and 20-hour intermittent run-time. The best part? The size of the diffuser is exactly the same, as is the price. Yep, you read that right.

Find out more product specs, see more photos and purchase the AromaMist™ at the product page.