• $15.00
    DesignScents Refill

    To enhance your personal space, use this fragrant blend to disperse a beautiful aroma. Just …

  • $20.00

    Blissful combination of style, fragrance and charm. Made in Thailand by skilled artisans to enhance …

  • $60.00

    Terra-cotta floral sculpture produces 4 hours of continuous healthy mist, or 8 hours with intermittent …

  • $60.00

    Ultrasonic diffuser made of hand-crafted blue art glass.  Can mist up to 8 hours intermittently or 4 hours …

  • $80.00

    Two ultrasonic diffusers in one!  Unique double reservoirs operate individually or at the same time. …

  • $10.00
    AIRE™ Car Freshener – Lavender

    Turn your vehicle into a healthy, fragrant environment with 100% pure essential oil, no more …

  • $60.00

    Ultrasonic diffuser with an attractive ceramic floral design.  The FloraMist can diffuse up to 8 hours …

  • $10.00
    AIRE™ Car Freshener – Lemongrass

    Turn your vehicle into a healthy, fragrant environment with 100% pure essential oil, no more …

  • $10.00
    AIRE™ Car Freshener – Peppermint

    Turn your vehicle into a healthy, fragrant environment with 100% pure essential oil, no more …

  • $60.00
    Purilizer – White

    Sleek atomizer creates vapor with 100% oil, no water.  Safe airborne droplets are dispensed for …

  • $70.00

    Lustrous PET material, adds style while promoting a healthy environment. Up to 8 hours of …

  • $60.00

    Glass Ultrasonic Diffuser
    Multi-faceted glass reflects the latest dimensions of modern health. One third of a …

  • $14.00

    Compact and portable, operates anywhere with 2AA batteries or with the USB cord included to plug …

  • $60.00

    Take pampering to new heights with our premier diffuser! With just a half cup of …

  • $80.00

    Statuesque presentation delivers a strong and sensual fragrant mist. The sculpted ceramic housing is preferred among …

  • $80.00

    Micro-Air therapy diffuser. Sleek atomizer creates mist with 100% oil, no water. Delivery system promotes the benefits of …

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  • $20.00

    Write, dab, breathe…Essential oil may be easily diffused or applied topically.  Aromatherapy is personified within …

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  • $10.00

    Natural Roll-A-Therapy. Formulated with pure essential oils and a holistic vegetable carrier. Positively effective in reducing symptoms …

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