Essential Oil Humidifiers

SpaRoom Essential Oil Humidifiers are truly one-of-a-kind for not only their aesthetic, but their performance and functionality. Most humidifiers are difficult to fill, difficult to clean, and have mediocre run-times. Every SpaRoom humidifier has a runtime for at least half a day to a full day runtime.. or even more!

SpaRoom’s new technology combines an essential oil diffuser & cool mist humidifier that boasts amazing misting power. You can even add essential oils directly to the water to enjoy therapeutic benefits, and some of our humidifiers even come with an essential oil for free.

Essential Oil Benefits & Humidifier Benefits

Essential Oils are great for adding natural fragrance to your home. They also have many therapeutic properties. When mixed with strong humidification, it makes a pleasant and breathable atmosphere. Humidifiers benefits range from adding moisture to the air and soothing sore throats, all of which makes for a more pleasant at home (or office) experience. Mixed with essential oils such as eucalyptus, your sinuses have the ability to be opened up while the soothing mist helps your body feel great. SpaRoom aromatherapy humidifiers also feature night lights. All models also automatic safety shut-offs.